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Root Canals

Once tooth decay extends into the pulp (nerve) of the tooth, it needs to be treated one of two ways.

Option 1: Root Canal Therapy
A root canal consist of cleans out the infected tooth decay and the pulp and replaces it with a biocompatible substance called Gutta-Percha. Thanks to recent advancements in Dentistry, this procedure is done in one or two comfortable appointments.

RCT video

Option 2: Extraction
This is the alternative to not trying to save the tooth with traditional root canal therapy. Once the tooth has been removed a second stage of the treatment must be discussed and that is the replacement of the missing tooth. Generally for a single tooth a dental implant is the ideal solution.

video of tooth replacement under extraction to see potential tx options)

Reasons why a tooth becomes infected:

  • Untreated cavity reaches all the way to the center of the tooth (the PULP)
  • Trauma to the tooth
  • Deep restorations
  • History of several restorations